Colombia Huila - Fair Trade

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12oz bag - Whole Bean or Ground

South America Colombia Huila

Taste Notes:  Milk Chocolate, Orange, Caramel

Acidity: Above Average

Body: Low

Sweetness: High

Roast Level: Medium

Altitude: 1700-1850 meters

Variety: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra

Process: Washed

This coffee comes to us from Asociación Regional la Cascada de Bordones (The Regional Association La Cascada de Bordones). Asociación Regional la Cascada de Bordones was founded on March 16, 2003, through the initiative of a group of coffee farmers. They sought opportunities to improve the quality of life for both farmers and their families. The association’s name was inspired by the Bordones waterfall in Huila, which is the second largest waterfall in Colombia with one of the most beautiful landscapes.

The word “Huila” comes from the Páez indigenous language and translates to “luminous mountain,” likely due to the topographical variety of the region. Huila’s climate is influenced by several snow-capped volcanoes in the Andes mountains that provide rich minerals to the soil. Additionally, the valleys of the Magdalena River attract the tropical air of the Caribbean. Altogether, these factors provide spectacular growing conditions and unique microclimates, explaining why coffee from Huila is so delicious!